The end of the anticipation

We got home from our two weeks in Glacier, Montana, on Monday night at midnight. Since getting home, I’ve done approximately 500 loads of laundry (at least it feels that way) and slept until 11:00AM our time (which, in my defense, is only 9AM Montana time, so it wasn’t as shameful as it could’ve been, right?)
There is something sad about coming home after a long vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be home. I really am. I missed my cats. I missed my dog. I missed my own bed. I missed my house and other creature comforts you forego while on the road.  But what’s missing now that was here before we left is the anticipation. The anticipation of the trip yet to come. Instead of packing and planning, I’m unpacking and washing. Instead of looking forward to all the fun, I’m remembering the fun we already had. 
For instance, last Wednesday we were on a white water rafting trip on the Flathead River. This Wednesday? I just got back from having my teeth cleaned. There really is no comparison, is there?
Last summer, when we got back from Glacier, I declared that I would spend the entire summer out there next year. Well, next year became this year, and I bumped the trip up from one week to two. It’s a good start. Next summer? I might last three weeks instead of two. The following year? Four weeks instead of three. My goal is to adopt Hemingway’s strategy: enjoying Florida part of the year and the Rocky Mountains the other part. There is something about each place that feeds the soul. As much as I miss the mountains right now, I know I would miss the ocean equally as much if I were to move away from it. 
So, now it’s time to move into the next phase of summer. I have a manuscript to finish for the fall. I have a little boy preparing to enter third grade. I have a sweet little family right here with me and we are full of memories of a great trip. 
And hey, did I mention, I took approximately 2,086 photos over the two weeks were were out there? I’ve already shared a few, but let’s just say…there are plenty more where those came from. 

It’s good to be home, back to the blog, and watching the horizon for my next adventure.

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