Loving people with food + Reindeer poop

{Photos: wild horses on Cumberland Island, Georgia, taken November 2012}

Cumberland Island Wild Horses

Cumberland Island Wild Horses

Cumberland Island Wild Horses

Cumberland Island Wild Horses
This is my last batch of photos taken on our Cumberland Island trip, Thanksgiving weekend. It feels like Thanksgiving was just last week–I can’t believe that we will be celebrating Christmas day after tomorrow!

This week has been jam packed with holiday festivities. On top of the holiday baking, gift buying, and wrapping, I also volunteered at school four out of five days this week. As you can tell from my lack of posts, writing really slowed down while I’ve been otherwise occupied. I sort of took an unofficial break from both blogging and novel writing en lieu of baking and everything else!

I love baking for friends and family this time of year and so far, my baking totals include:

  • 1 pan of lime bars
  • 2 pans of brownies
  • 1 tray of chocolate coated snack mix
  • 3 trays of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
  • 1 raspberry crumb cake
  • 3 trays of Oreo truffles
  • 4 pecan pies
  • A whole lot of reindeer poop! 

So far, I’ve given it all away as gifts, minus a few truffles and one bag of reindeer poop. Even though I thought that by now I’d surely be feeling exhausted, I actually feel like I’m catching my second wind.

There just may be oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my future. We’ll see!

How about you? Do you like giving or receiving baked goods for the holidays? Better question: does anyone else make their kids reindeer poop?

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!

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