How many Golden Retrievers do you see?

This weekend the North Florida Golden Retriever Rescue held their annual fundraiser at our local dog park. Since welcoming Percy into our family, we have become hard core Goldie lovers and we knew we had to go to this event.

So. Many. Goldens!
Golden Fest 2013

Golden Fest 2013
This sweet boy with the white face found the cookie lady and wasn’t about to budge. He sat
there, waiting patiently for treats all day. No pressure, there, cookie lady. Are you
uncomfortable being stared at?
Golden Fest 2013
What are the chances, but…we even came across one of Percy’s litter mates. This is Percy’s
brother, Graham (short for Teddy Graham. So cute!) Graham’s human Mama even swapped email
addresses with me so we can meet at the dog park and keep the boys in touch! It was so sweet
and amazing to see the two puppies interact with each other. You could tell they recognized each
other immediately. Can you see the family resemblance? I think so!
Golden Fest 2013

Golden Fest 2013

Golden Fest 2013

Golden Fest 2013

Golden Fest 2013
What a totally awesome day!

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