broadway poses + pink blooms

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A few thoughts about the above photo:

1. I absolutely love it. I love the Broadway pose. I love the bright blue of the shirt. I love the lush, summery greenness of the shrubs and grass. I love the pink flowers on the crepe myrtle. I just love it.

2. I would love it slightly more if only it came from a better quality camera than the iPhone and wasn’t quite so grainy. But hey, I work on the fly a lot of the time and although I do chase my kid around with a nice camera like I’m a paparazzi, sometimes I have my hands full of grocery bags and must reach for the cell phone camera instead.

3. It is worth noting that–as evidenced in this photo–for the first time in my life, I have been able to get a crepe myrtle to bloom. See those pink flowers up there? I did that. I trimmed that crepe myrtle down to its bones in early spring and it seemed to like it. It liked it so much, it bloomed. That has never happened for me before and I’m a little bit amazed. Maybe it’s because I talked dirty to the crepe myrtle while I was trimming it, I can’t be sure. But whatever the cause, we have flowers. Ta-da.

Sam is out of town tonight and Casey and I had a “date night.” We went out for burritos, rented movies, stayed up late, and let the dog cuddle with us on the couch. We had a great time. And then, when it finally was bedtime, Casey asked if he could sleep with me (of course I said yes) but–I don’t know why–it kind of caught me off guard tonight. Lately, I’m so aware of how fast my little boy is growing up that I kind of expected him to not want to bunk with me. The same way I’m no longer allowed to hug him goodbye at school in the morning, I thought maybe he’d come to the realization that sleeping in my room with me was no longer a fun treat, but an invasion of his personal space.

But that didn’t happen. Not yet. At least, not tonight.

So, I’m going to remind myself to enjoy this time.

Even though, for the next 8 hours, I’m going to get kicked.
I’m going to have my covers stolen.
I’m going to be wide-awake,
and clinging to the edge of the bed by my fingernails
before finally giving up and moving onto the couch (now covered in dog hair) sometime around 4 AM.

But I’ll do it gladly because, for at least one more night, my big kid’s not too big yet.

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