Favorite. hike. ever.

Upon a scorching hot Florida day in July, a cute little family boarded a plane and escaped to the gorgeous yellow fields, mountain vistas,
and (not-so) cooler temps of the wild west. 
z IMG_7265
Into the suitcases went hoodies, scarves, fleece vests, hiking boots, and camera equipment. 
Lots of camera equipment!
z IMG_6957 ed

In great anticipation were we of snow…
z IMG_6951 ed


zb IMG_7166

and more SNOW!
z IMG_7016

The snow pack was super deep at the higher elevations due to a late season snow storm back in June.

Which is precisely what led to a 3-hour-long snow ball fight as we hiked Logan Pass.

Which officially makes this year at Logan Pass the kiddo’s favorite hike ever
(This photo was taken just after father and son slid down the hill together. Just another reason.)
Favorite hike ever.

[Places I’ve Roamed] Hike to Logan’s Pass + Hidden Lake

In order to see the mountain goats and get a view of Hidden Lake, you first must hike for three hours over miles of snow field. So, that’s what we did.

The great explorers. Like our walking sticks? The sticks actually helped a lot. The terrain was slick and steep.

He conquered the mountain. What pride on the face of a Florida kid seeing snow for the first time!

The pay off? Seeing baby goats. Sooo worth it.

We got to see Hidden Lake too. Not bad. Not as cute as baby goats, but not bad.

Tiring work, hiking snow fields.

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