Practice Makes Purrrfect

 Spending time with the 5D.

Frustrating that things I could do efficiently with the T3, I’m struggling with now. There’s a learning curve for sure.

But when the photos turn out beautifully–and exactly the way I hoped they would based on the creative controls I was playing with–that gives me hope that I will eventually figure it out and come back stronger than I was before. 

Patience. And practice. And patience.

And Practice.

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5 Tons of Cuteness! Golden Fest 2014

z IMG_2729
G.R.E.A.T. Golden Retriever rescue of N.E. Florida held their annual benefit at Dogwood Park in Jacksonville this weekend.  We have been looking forward to this event all year because where else can you see a concentration of this much fluffy cuteness? And who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever? Or two? Or seventy-five?

z IMG_2738
One of the highlights of the day was the ice cream truck…full of doggie ice cream! With flavors like peanut butter bacon or sweet potato pie, there was a flavor to suit all taste buds and Air Buds. 

z IMG_2758
Our boy had to be held back because he kept stealing other people’s ice cream. 

z IMG_2764
But Goldens are a sharing bunch, and so are their owners, so he reaped the benefit of his friend’s generosity. 

z IMG_2788
The doggie ice cream business is  locally owned company right here in Jacksonville. Alex, owner and proprietor of Luckee Dog K9 Kool Treats, was telling me that he will have product for sale in several of our local pet stores soon. His website is currently under construction, but I’ll be checking back to get a list of his locations. Percy loved his peanut butter bacon ice cream today!  
z IMG_2790

This adorable little 5-month-old girl is the same age that our boy was last year at Golden Fest. She is just so cute and made us so nostalgic for those sweet fluffy puppy days! Well, maybe not nostalgic for the chewing. But nostalgic for all the rest.
z IMG_2797

Let them eat cake! The owners, that is.
z IMG_2799

Wait guys, you had ice cream. The cake is for the humans…

z IMG_2804

For more information on GREAT rescue of NE Florida, have a look at their website HERE.
To view photos of last year’s Golden Fest click HERE  and view more of Percy’s adorable baby pictures HERE





This sweet fluffy kitty has been losing weight and not eating lately. After a few trips to the vet that ruled out any major medical problems, we decided to clean her teeth and see what was going on in there.

Poor sweet girl had feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions on two of her lower teeth.

Basically her body was reabsorbing the enamel on her teeth and leaving just the pulpy exposed nerves inside her mouth.

That would make eating a little painful–understatement of a lifetime!

One dental cleaning, two extractions, and 10 days worth of antibiotics later, she is happily on the mend.

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