Jacksonville Fireworks Display: July 4, 2016

Jacksonville Fireworks Display: July 4, 2016

I really love Jacksonville’s fireworks displays!

This southern city shoots off their fireworks over the St. Johns River, right in the heart of downtown. With a back drop of glittering skyscrapers and bridges, I can’t help feeling like I could be in New York instead of Florida. The fireworks usually go up from three barges floated in on the river, and they use pyrotechnics to set the bridges aflame.

This year, the barges didn’t float in as they had in the past. The entire fireworks display was shot from the Acosta Bridge. It was a bit underwhelming, I’ll be honest.

But that’s because we’re spoiled at this point! 😉

This made things a little more fun for the boaters. Instead of closing the waterway to allow the barges through, the boaters had the opportunity to watch from the comfort of their personal watercraft.

Jacksonville fireworks July 2016
Boaters on the St. Johns River in front of Everbank Field


Hubbs has office space in one of Jacksonville’s downtown towers, which provides this photog awesome opportunities to practice her firework-capturing skills.

Here are the results from this year:

Jacksonville Fireworks July 2016

Jacksonville Fireworks July 2016

Jacksonville Fireworks July 2016

Jacksonville Fireworks July 2016

And of course, I couldn’t leave without another photo of the iconic Main Street Bridge:

Jacksonville Fireworks July 2016
Jacksonville, Florida: Main Street Bridge


View the entire gallery here: http://anabakphotography.zenfolio.com/jaxfireworks2016 or download here: http://saltseasky.com/product/jacksonville-fireworks-july-2016/

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