Suddenly, Summer

Suddenly, Summer

sunny marmots
Something happened to me last week.

I got really, really fed up with winter.

I know it’s hardly fair for me to say that—what do I really have to complain about, right? It wasn’t snowing. It wasn’t freezing. It wasn’t icy, the roads were not closed, school was in session.

It was business as usual.

Except that it has been an unseasonably wet winter in Florida this year.

In addition to the cold (and it has been pretty cold for these parts) it’s been overcast, raining, and just dreary for days on end. I’ll be honest, I never really understood the mechanics of seasonal affective disorder before but maybe I sort of do now.

Because last week, the weather just bummed me out.

Then, today…poof! Summer suddenly seemed to show back up. Or at least something that feels mildly close to it. The time changed last night, the clocks got to spring ahead, and today it was warm.
Sunny. Happy. Warm.

And I’ll be honest, this afternoon I climbed in the back of the pick up truck and sunned myself like a marmot on a rock.

Sorry for logging in just to talk about the weather—but on this beautiful day, it just couldn’t be ignored {and if you love marmots too, you can find more here}. 

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