Savannah, GA: St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Savannah, GA: St. Patrick’s Day 2014

savannah 6 We snuck off this past weekend for a getaway to Savannah, Georgia.  Just 3 hours north of Jacksonville, we figured it would make for a nice two day escape since we had a couple of important dates to celebrate—our wedding anniversary and hubby’s birthday. Little did we know, Savannah is the no. 2 destination in the country for St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Surprised smile So much for our quiet, romantic weekend! Let’s just say… we had a great time of a totally different variety instead. Tsavannah 7savannah 8savannah 9Savannah_St_Patricks_Day_2014_1Savannah_St_Patricks_Day_2014_2Savannah_St_Patricks_Day_2014_3Savannah_St_Patricks_Day_2014_4Savannah_St_Patricks_Day_2014_5 Savannah anticipated 300,000 visitors for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  It was so crowded that we didn’t get much sight seeing in, but the people watching was superb! And the horse watching too. Anytime you can see a draft horse wearing a shamrock headband, I call it an experience.

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