[Places I’ve Roamed] West Glacier Montana

[Places I’ve Roamed] West Glacier Montana

Views of West Glacier as we were heading over to stay in Many Glacier for a few nights…

Lake Mcdonald.

A deer spying on us from the tree cover along the lake. Fine by me! (as long as it’s not a bear!)

Grandma enjoying the view from an overlook on the Sun Road.

Wildflowers everywhere. Hard to believe this whole place was covered in snow just a month ago.

Kiddo taking photos of a ground squirrel along the Sun Road.
What the hell is that? It just hopped over the wall and it’s as big as a cat.

But with some photo editing, clearly it’s not a cat. It has a face like a squirrel. Feet like a badger. We don’t have those where I come from.

Wikipedia says it’s an alpine marmot. Don’t feel bad if you have to click the link and find out what that is. We sure did!

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