[Places I’ve Roamed] Hungry Horse, Montana

[Places I’ve Roamed] Hungry Horse, Montana

Hungry Horse is a little town on the way to Glacier National Park that has a really big dam in it. It also has a damn good restaurant that serves the best huckleberry milkshakes in the world. We’ve had to stop for ice cream of some variety three times already and the trips not over yet!

In addition to the huckleberry ice cream, did I mention the huckleberry pie? Did I mention the huckleberry pie a la mode?

After filling up on milkshakes, we did actually make it to the Horsehead dam and reservoir. Posing for a family photo in from of a waterfall is always a sure bet.

The reservoir with mountains in the background. Beautiful.

Photo of the top of the dam.

Sitting Bull.

Out take photo from Casey’s camera. Nice!

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