Oh yes, we did

Oh yes, we did

 Here are a few photos of our annual Labor Day beach trip. This year we headed back to Alligator Point in Florida’s “big bend” on the Gulf of Mexico.

The house we rented was super cute and the vibe was really great. The beach goers staying around us were really friendly and had SO. MANY. DOGS to pet and play with! My satisfaction rating for any trip is always closely tied to the number of animals I get to pet during my stay and this one ranked way up there.

The dogs were so well behaved too. It was unbelievable. Had those been my dogs, they would’ve been running wild, barking at everyone, and stealing food from coolers and straight off people’s laps.

Such a great, laid-back vibe. Which is why we feel right at home.

So at home in fact that we carried our chairs and umbrella all the way out to the sand bar, set up camp and stayed there all day.

And why yes, that is my husband helping my 10-year-old toast the camera with what appears to be an alcoholic beverage. Awesome. 

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