It’s all about the Frozen Orange + the Walking Dead

It’s all about the Frozen Orange + the Walking Dead

Today we bummed around the city. We went to the World of  Coke & ate lunch at the iconic Varsity diner. I can’t even count how many different Coke products we sampled from around the world, but far and away my favorite of the day was the seasonal “gingerbread Coke.” The flavor of the ginger lends itself exceptionally well to the flavor of the Coke & it was soooo surprisingly good! They even had the recipe posted for us and I promptly snapped a photo & shared it on Instagram (@anagriley if you’re interested!)

Seriously, whip some up & give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

After our trip into the city, drinking a gallon of soda, eating greasy burgers & FO’s (are you familiar with the Frozen Orange?) we came home & went for a super long walk and topped off the night with more of The Walking Dead season 2.

A superb mini vacation being had by all…

How is your New Years weekend shaping up?
What’s your favorite Coke product?
Most importantly, are you–like me– totally hooked on The Walking Dead? 

How creepy is that show!!!?!

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