Bucket List: I want to photograph the Northern Lights

As our next trip to Glacier National Park
rapidly approaches (and the bed in my guest room becomes more and more
cluttered with the gear I’ll need to pack), my “want to do list” keeps
getting longer and longer…

I want to:

  • Spend lazy days on the lake
  • Rock climb Lizard Ledge
  • Eat lavender ice cream
  • Hike the Grinnell Glacier trail
  • Eat at the Buffalo Cafe
  • Shop the amazing local artists at the Whitefish Farmer’s Market
  • Ride the lifts to the top of Whitefish Mountain and soak in the view
  • Mountain bike down Whitefish Mountain
  • Drink huckleberry milkshakes
  • Go star gazing at Logan’s Pass and photograph the Northern Lights [Bucket list!!!]
  • Hike up Logan’s Pass and down to Hidden Lake and back again.
  • Spend the night at the Many Glacier Hotel and pretend I’m in The Great Gatsby
  • Sleep in sleeping bags
  • Hike to Ptarmigian Falls
  • Take glorious photos
  • Hike some more
  • Take even more photos
  • Breathe in the mountain air
  • And enjoy every moment

though I’m east coast born and raised, I’m a westerner at heart and
there is something about the old west that pulls at my soul. Maybe it’s a
memory from a past life that makes it feel familiar to me, or maybe
it’s just the mountain views and the cool air that I crave. No matter
what, this yearly pilgrimage is like balm to my soul.

Almost time to lace up the hiking boots. 
I can’t wait.

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