A Day in Woodbury

The day after Christmas, we hopped into Big Bertha and headed north.

We ended up in Atlanta, on our annual trip to hang with the family. To see an aunt and uncle, niece and nephew (both home from college), a grandma, and to soak up some end of the year fun before heading home to ring in the New Year.

Today we went on a driving tour of the locations used to film The Walking Dead.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that someone (or many someones?) have painstakingly added all these locations to Google maps? It’s true.

We had so much fun cruising the countryside and several tiny towns looking for zombie haunts. I have approximately a half ton of photos that illustrate the event. THEN we came home and began watching the series (again) from the beginning and on fast forward specifically looking for the scenes shot in the locations we’d just visited.

I love a good road trip. A little adventure. Getting some cool photos.

And a family to do it with.

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